Night of Noise

Get Loud at Night of Noise for High School Students!

Night of Noise rainbow glitter

Event Details: 

Who: Queer students and their allies in grades 9-12

When: Saturday, April 13, 2024, 7pm - 10pm

Where: 5200 Crayton Rd, Naples, FL 34103


Night of Noise is a FREE prom-style dance with a welcome twist of authenticity and music by DJ Mad Mel. It is an evening for high school students to be seen, however you’d like to be seen, and with whomever you’d like to be seen.

This is the night on which the guests glow brightest. Perhaps, it’s an effect of the luminescent decor; but more likely, it’s a rare phenomenon brought on by the lightness of spirit one feels in the presence of wonderful friends, dancing to exhilarating music.

It is an inclusive event that provides a safe and welcoming environment to students regardless of gender expression, gender identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, or disability.

For many students who don’t feel safe or welcome at their own high school prom, this is a wonderful opportunity to dance the night away liberated from the judgment, harassment, and bullying of others.

A nonbinary student who attended for multiple years insists that this is the only student dance in which they feel comfortable attending, explaining, “All queer students and their allies deserve an event like Night of Noise, so every student can have an opportunity to celebrate and embrace their differences in an affirming environment.”

It is a highly-anticipated event that is an exclamation of unrestrained joy for LGBTQ+ students and their allies as they punctuate the end of their Day of Silence, a day spent in solidarity and silent protest of the harassment and discrimination LGBTQ+ students experience in school.


GLSEN Collier Night of Noise 2023

Guests are encouraged to wear anything that makes them feel confident and ready to party! For some, that outfit is a formal gown or suit paired with their tallest, flashiest shoes. For others, it is their favorite jeans and a pair of shoes perfect for dancing.

This evening is nothing short of life-affirming for both students and volunteers, alike. One long-time volunteer describes Night of Noise as an event that “feeds her soul,” describing the best part as seeing students “be themselves, and sharing who they are with their friends, as they laugh, dance, and connect in joyful celebration.”

Other volunteers feel similarly; stating, “It is so much fun to see each student arrive and greet one another with love and appreciation, enjoying the crazy dancing, loud music, and laughter. No one is left out and everyone knows they belong and are welcome, exactly as they are.”

GLSEN wants guests to enjoy themselves to the fullest in every way possible. An expansive and delectable spread of refreshments to meet a variety of dietary requirements is available in order to accommodate every student’s needs.

This free event is what dreams are made of; but dreams, alone, aren’t enough to make Night of Noise a reality. It takes dozens of hours of precise planning and extensive labor from volunteers throughout the community, along with generous donations from our supporters.

Please consider offering your time and resources to help GLSEN Collier make this night happen again and again.

GLSEN Night of Noise flyer

“Night of Noise is the only dance event that I feel comfortable at and safe attending. All queer students deserve a Night of Noise to have the opportunity to have fun, connect with their peers, and celebrate and embrace their differences in an affirming environment.”

– Ollie (they/them), age 18

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